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i've been back and forth my whole life it seems this train station once felt like a home to me watch the platform as i step into the rain as my thoughts drag like a train casting guilt out of the conversation on how to remain present and the silence of this town strikes me as pleasant i've been afraid of what it means to not live in fear like a deeper grave i've dug with each passing year it's not easy to escape from anguish and to look out for yourself feels selfish yet you know now not to bite any more than you can chew ultimately it's up to you i remember learning to let go of investment in what i cant help grow now i know where i stand, i have found a place to land and there is a wheel now gripped firmly in my hand
explain who i am, how to interact with you authenticity, your unshakable truth i've taken note of what causes your reality to quake the way bodies touch, that firm handshake an embrace, misplaced it's nothing but fiction on which this policy is based now the words sound absurd torn apart over again in my mind forever blurred where does responsibility belong? you are so thoroughly wrong the level of intimacy which you'll approve authenticity, something to prove i'm taking note of the behaviors to avoid to at least recognize, if not leave behind, completely destroyed adjectives placed along side the gender with which we are taught that should belong now the words sound absurd torn apart over again in my mind forever blurred
pennsylvania 03:33
tent dripping with dew i have missed all of you waking up to an overbearing sun this feeling in my chest, it weighs a ton in the patterns formed by the stars i saw through my self-guarded bars in the way the moon became dawn it was clearly time to move on i don't know where i'm trying to go but it's worth the ride i suppose pennsylvania, skies that glow in the mountains that i know and the people in new jersey always restless like me, in a hurry through the years i will roam always in the direction of home with or without any clue what direction that is, what am i to do
the look on faces proclaiming my it sure has been some time and the challenges in reading all the words between the lines the letters you didn't write, hung up on each uncertainty filtered out of relevance in the depths of your memory remind yourself it's okay to take a risk here and there to dabble in the things you normally wouldn't dare within the places from which you've run nothing haunts like what you could've done the shaking sound of voices re-familiarizing each with the other, steadily reviving a comfort with the nuances expressed in each exchange afraid because after all we know that people change
there is nothing left to do but to lay your head down we fought hard to keep the evening alive, in an effort not to drown a pleasure as always to walk by your side no telling when or if our paths will one day again collide it's not so bitter, it's mostly sweet another summer's lonely heat i know that you feel the weight of this world sting anxiety, unregulated fear of what the future may bring through each layer of silence it's clear some things you get like how on days like these the sun comes out just in time to set i know your heart, i know that it will change next time i run into you all i thought i knew inside may appear rearranged that's just the nature of timing and our bad luck with it oh the motivation we find following each time we quit a novel half read and a notebook, six cups of coffee ago i stumbled into this diner, settled right here by the window everything hard set my head in a spin, now i'm waiting for the sun to rise over miles of rooftops filling up the fringe of south philadelphia's sky
looking forward to that moment of peace away from myself, away from everyone looking forward to that moment that disappears as soon as it rose up off the horizon i need to get the world outside, outside of my head i need to get the world outside, outside of here go to work everyday, it is a silent war and i have enemies i will never meet far away from considering retreat far away from admitting defeat the same conclusion when each day is done life can look better when you turn away life can look better on the run and i don't know just what i am doing here times like these i resent anyone that claims to know thinking of those with whom i would rather be makes my heart just overflow
collision 03:22
your mind awake, your eyes fully engaged with the touch of a brush to a page when you grab the attention of the part of you that matters you can feel the fear and dread that shatters there is no secret path to success that you can follow the words of the police man and therapist ring hollow because no one can tell you just to take some time and we all lead a life of crime hung up on each decision and each idea tossed around put your mind down this once pick your heart up off the ground i saw that look on your face, a moment unlike the rest one half contented for once, the other terrified and stressed at the notion that for once you may have gotten something right but these stars shine over this ocean each and every night possessed by their grip on our waking state in our dreams we can just barely lift a portion of that weight anyway they disappear upon the daily collision between reality and what we can envision


released April 16, 2015

all songs written and performed by luke romano. backing vocals by liz rose.

"collision" (tracks 1-7) was recorded at home in durham, nc throughout march of 2015 and mastered in april by paul roessler at kitten robot studios in los angeles, ca.

the demo tracks (8-11) were recorded during october of 2014. i burned some cds and gave them out at shows. people liked it so i figured i'd throw them up here to be included as a bonus with the new stuff. the demo version of "the shaking sound" is also included on the plan-it-x records "it came from plan-it-x 2014" compilation record.


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Cottontail Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Luke Romano - guitar, vocals

Members included at different times: Other Luke, Pat, Alex, Nina, Gina, Other Pat, and Liz.

melodic punk / sentimental anarchist pop

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